Natsume Is Bringing Wild Guns Reloaded To Steam Later This Year

Wild Guns was originally released way back in 1994 for the Super Nintendo. It was a game in a subgenre of arcade shooters that is now known as the “cabal shooter,” but, at the time, it was considered to be a shooting gallery that had more in common with light gun games than anything. It featured a space western setting, co-operative multiplayer, and more.

Last December, Natsume released an enhanced remake of Wild Guns entitled “Wild Guns Reloaded” on PlayStation 4. The remake included the ability to play the game in widescreen resolutions, the ability to play with up to four players locally, online leaderboards, new characters, new stages, new bosses, and more.

Today, Natsume announced that Wild Guns Reloaded will be headed to Steam later this year, ending its run as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. It’s a significant announcement, as it’s not only the first time that Wild Guns will be available on PC, it will also Natsume’s first PC launch.

A release date has yet to be announced. That being said, the game will be one of several new titles from Natsume that will be showcased at E3 2017 this June, so it seems likely that it won’t be released until after E3.

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