Mutant Football League To Launch On October 31st

Digital Dreams Entertainment announced today that its bloody 7-on-7 fantasy football game Mutant Football League is set to launch on Halloween after only a month in Early Access. Up to two players online and four players offline can choose any of 18 teams and duke it out on a total of 18 fields, complete with their own traps, such as landmines, fire pits, toxic moats, and buzz saws. Each player can use anything from brass knuckles to chainsaws to hand grenades to stop their opponents from scoring. It seems to be quite the bloody, but comical, take on the classic football game.

Mutant Football League is available on Steam Early Access for $24.99. It is set to launch on October 31st, at which time the price is not expected to change. Versions for other platforms are planned for sometime “in the near future.”

Matt Chelen

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