Midair Brings The Spirit Of Tribes To The Modern Era

We don’t get enough games that give you the level of mobility that jetpacks can offer. There’s just something fascinating about being able to move freely about a game world, flying around and shooting at your opposition. LawBreakers sort of captured the same sort of feel with its zero-gravity zones, but it wasn’t quite the same.

Archetype Studios’ Midair is bringing back the jetpack shooter, offering upwards of 16v16 combat on large maps and allowing players to “build bleeding-edge defenses” and fight opponents in vehicles. Teamwork is crucial to victory. It sounds like a true successor to Tribes with a few unique twists of its own.

Midair launched on Steam Early Access today for $29.99. It will be free-to-play at launch, but those who purchase the game during Early Access will be given a free “Progression Pass” at launch, which will give them immediate access to all of the game’s content.

The current version of the game features four game modes, customizable loadouts, three armors, seven weapons, vehicles, “deployable defenses,” and more. The full version of the game will feature more weapons, more vehicles, “more refined maps and map art,” “more gameplay options,” matchmaking, and “in-game cosmetics” that will be on sale in the in-game store.

Midair is now available on Steam Early Access for $29.99.

Matt Chelen

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