Matt’s Picks Of The Day (10/6/2017): Mashinky, Oxenfree

Hey everyone. Today is Friday, October 6th, and it’s time for the last Matt’s Picks of the Day of the first week of October. It was a fairly slow day today in terms of releases, but there are still a few games that were released today that I think are worth checking out. Let’s take a look.


Described as having “board game-like rules,” Jan Zelený’s transport strategy game Mashinky looks like quite the welcome addition to the genre. The game, which launched on Steam Early Access earlier today, lets you build your very own train-focused transport empire on procedurally generated maps. Similar to games like A-Train Classic, the game features isometric, tile-based construction, which also allows you to terraform if needed. You can then zoom out to a 3D view that shows your empire in high-quality 3D graphics. As you play, you will advance through several eras of transportation technology, two of which are available in the initial Early Access release.

Mashinky is now available on Steam Early Access for $24.99.


I missed out on playing through Oxenfree when it was first released in January of last year, but I’ve always rather liked the art style and am rather fond of conversation-heavy point-and-click adventure games, as some of our reviews might imply. The game follows a group of teenagers who throw an “overnight party on an old military island” and end up opening a “ghostly gate.” Players play as Alex, a “bright, rebellious teenager,” and attempt to deal with her peers and what’s going on around her in the best way that they can. The game boasts an “intelligent conversation system,” the ability to “communicate with mysterious spectres and manipulate [the] world,” and several mysteries “spanning decades and lifetimes.”

Oxenfree is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $19.99.


Zoglu’s colorful arcade game RUNRUNRUN first caught my eye several months ago when it originally launched on The “fast-paced, combo-driven arcade stealth game” immediately brought to mind both Monaco and Pac-Man. In it, up to four players work together to steal gold bars from a bank, which is done entirely with only movement controls. Along the way, they will need to avoid guards and grab power-ups to get the highest score. The bank contains more than 80 rooms in all and the player that finishes the current room quickest gets to choose the next room that their group will visit.

RUNRUNRUN is now available on Steam and for $4.99. The Steam version is temporarily discounted to $4.24 for the week of release.

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