Livelock Developer Tuque Games Silently Releases Rogue-lite Horror FPS Strain On

Tuque Games made its debut as a game developer at the end of last August with the release of Livelock, a co-operative top-down shooter that was published by Perfect World Entertainment. Since that, the company has been dead silent and it had been unclear whether or not it was working on a new title—until today, that is.

Earlier today, Tuque Games silently released a new horror-themed rogue-lite FPS called Strain on I say silently because there’s no mention of the game on their social media accounts or their official website. In fact, the only reason I know that it exists is that I just happened to check’s press page today and see it at the top of the new releases list. Even the trailer embedded below is unlisted, albeit it was uploaded to the official Tuque Games YouTube account.

But what is Strain, exactly? It’s an FPS rogue-lite that features procedurally generated levels, enemies to shoot, and puzzles to solve. In it, you are Patient Zero, host to a parasite that has infected all of the employees in the facility you are being held in. You will have to face off against said employees, as well as “ultimate abominations” known only as “the Amalgams.”

The game is looking to set itself apart through its weapon system; instead of looting guns, “you MUTATE into them.” Along the way, you will obtain “Strain power-ups,” which will ultimately make you more powerful.

Currently, the game looks fairly well-made with impressive graphics, but it seems that the reason for the silent release on is that the game is still in active development and the team perhaps wanted to keep it under wraps for the time being. The exact state of the game is unclear, however, as the trailer states that it is a “Prototype Trailer,” whereas the download states that it is a “Beta.”

Should you be interested in checking out Tuque Games’ latest, it is available on for $6.99.

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