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Life Is Strange Sequel Confirmed

Life Is Strange was one of my favorite games of recent times. It was a rather unique, personal story that provided a much different view of its main characters than many other games like it. It’s also a game that, due to the way that it is set up—and its ending, which I won’t spoil here—I’m not really sure that I want a sequel to. Because of my uncertainty about whether I even wanted there to be a sequel, I took the uncertainty over whether there would ever be a sequel in stride.

Today, in “a special message” to its fans, developer DONTNOD Entertainment revealed that it has been working on a Life Is Strange sequel. In fact, it has been working on said sequel since the first game’s retail release.

Unfortunately, however, that’s all we know. We don’t have any details about the sequel’s story or characters; it was once said that a sequel would feature new characters, should it happen at all, but it remains to be seen whether that is indeed still the case. All we know is that it will be happening.

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