Legends Of Equestria’s Open Access Release Is Now Live

As of midnight last night, Legend of Equestria’s Open Access Release is now live. You can now jump into the massively multiplayer world of Equestria, choose one of three races, and begin questing and working towards one of six Talent Marks. There are even a few dungeons awaiting those who reach a high enough level to take them on.

It should be noted that this is not the final release; it is simply the first time that the game is open to the public indefinitely without an invite. More content, including two more story arcs, is on its way. You can read more about the initial Open Access Release and what to expect from it in our interview with the developers.

As it is the first day of launch, it’s unsurprising that there are a few issues as of right now. After all, very few MMOs make it through launch day without a few setbacks. According to the forums, issues include 5-10 minute wait times when connecting to the server, the server telling them that the maximum number of players has been reached, and simply not being able to connect. I imagine that they’ll be sorted out in due time, but bear in mind that you may spend quite a bit of time trying to connect for the time being.

Those who are interested can download the client now via the official website. For Windows users, the launcher is recommended, as it will automatically update every time that there’s a new patch. There aren’t launchers available for Mac and Linux yet, which means that Mac and Linux users will need to redownload their respective platform’s client every time that it is updated.

Additionally, those who are interested can find a new animated story trailed embedded below.

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