Impressive ASCII Roguelike Cogmind Headed To Early Access On October 16th

Years ago, Grid Sage Games’ ASCII roguelike Cogmind grabbed my attention with its insanely impressive ASCII art. In motion, the game’s ASCII explosions and other effects are simply wonderful. Having played it back in Alpha, I can also say that its turn-based tactical combat, destructible environment, and unique player progression system create an experience to match. Rather than earn experience, players slowly build their player character, which is a robot, from scratch using parts that they find or that are dropped by enemies. Even within the notably experimental roguelike genre, it manages to provide a completely new experience.

It’s also a fairly comfortable experience. The game features both keyboard and mouse controls, “drag-and-drop inventory management,” “built-in automation features” on keyboard, and two art styles to choose from: ASCII and tiles.

On October 16th, after four years of development, the game is finally set to launch on Steam Early Access. The initial Early Access version is said to be “mostly complete,” with “over two-dozen map types,” almost 1000 items, “multiple plot lines, hundreds of hand-made locations and encounters,” and seven endings, all of which are fully animated. Despite that, Grid Sage Games plans to add even more to the game, so it is currently being labeled an Early Access title.

Cogmind is set to launch on Steam Early Access on October 16th for $19.99 and will have a 10% discount during the week of launch.

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One thought on “Impressive ASCII Roguelike Cogmind Headed To Early Access On October 16th

  1. Other “Early Access” titles should be shamed when they get a load of this one, which is already more complete than 90% of “complete” games on Steam.

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