The Imperial Realm: Miranda Set To Enter Early Access On May 9th

As one of a very small number of proper MMORTSes that are on the horizon, I’ve been following Robert Basler’s The Imperial Realm: Miranda for some time now. The game has been in testing for around two years now, but was just properly opened to the public for the first time last November. The game is somewhat of an evolution of the classic Command and Conquer formula that has been brought into the MMO realm for the purpose of providing epic, large-scale battles on a massive, seamless battlefield. Surprisingly, it is also the first completely seamless MMORTS ever.

Basler announced yesterday via Twitter that the game will be entering Early Access on May 9th. The tweet in question is embedded below.

No other details regarding Early Access have been announced as of yet. However, it seems likely that it will cost money.

Matt Chelen

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