Housemarque’s Intense Twin-Stick Shooter Nex Machina Is Now Up For Pre-Order

As someone who very much enjoyed Outland and Resogun, I am very much looking forward to Housemarque’s upcoming twin-stick shooter Nex Machina. Following up on the announcement late last month that the game would be launching on June 20th and would include local co-op, the company announced today that the game is now up for pre-order on Steam for $19.99, temporarily discounted to $17.99 until release. Those who own Outland can get the game for only $15.99 until release, as they get an additional 10% discount.

For those that haven’t heard of Nex Machina, it is a new, colorful twin-stick shooter in the vein of Robotron or Smash TV. The game features more than 100 levels spread across more than five worlds, each of which will challenge you to get the high score for that level using a “deep scoring system.” As you play through the game, you may uncover secret paths and levels, as well as secret humans. The game also features a unique visual style that is primarily made up of voxels and a ton of glowing lasers.

Those who are interested can pre-order Nex Machina now via Steam.

Matt Chelen

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