Heliborne To Fly Out Of Early Access On October 12th

JetCat Games’ helicopter-focused vehicular combat game Heliborne is one that I rather enjoyed when I played it at the beginning of Early Access. The game’s fast-paced, capture-point-driven battles were a stark contrast to many similar games. The game has “a strong focus on realism and historical accuracy,” but it balances it with arcade-based elements that make the game more accessible than hardcore helicopter flight simulations.

After a year and a half in Early Access, Heliborne is finally set to fly out of Early Access and officially launch on October 12th. It will launch with single-player, competitive, cooperative modes that recreate a number of battles from the Vietnam War, featuring six maps that are set in Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Vietnam, among others. Players will be able to fly any of 50 helicopters, which they can equip with “over 100 payload variants.” Ground forces will also be modeled and players will need to be careful of them, should they want to remain in the air.

JetCat Games’ Raman Ulasau had the following to say about the announcement.

“We are excited and proud to announce the full release of Heliborne. It’s been a long and a tough road from the early versions of the game, to what we have now. Many thanks to our players, who believed in us and supported us along the way. Although we are delivering everything that we’ve promised, Heliborne development will continue after release. We have a long list of great ideas awaiting implementation to make Heliborne the best helicopter game on the market!”

Heliborne is available on Steam Early Access for $14.99. It is set to launch on October 12th, at which time the price will be increased to $24.99. JetCat Games plans to continue to support the game after launch with a combination of free content updates and paid DLC.

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