Grimoire To Cost $39.95 At Launch

Cleve Blakemore announced yesterday that his 600-hour cRPG Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar is set to cost $39.95 at launch. My own personal guess was that it would cost around $30, but I am not at all surprised that it would cost closer to $40, given the facts that it does have 600 hours of content and that it has been in development for a full two decades.

Blakemore explains the choice in price as follows.

“There are still going to be parts of the game that are not quite polished but the game as it currently stands is truly a one-of-a-kind classic. I have successfully played through all four endings of the game using save points and cheat codes and I found my own product to be more satisfying than any of the Wizardry games and even better than the original Eye of the Beholder series. I can only hope others agree this time next week.”

Blakemore also notes that he has been spending the time leading up to release polishing the game, making sure that each spell has a visual effect, and adding a few additional boss encounters. Additionally, composer Ellsworth Hall is currently composing “a full orchestral soundtrack of all the themes currently scored in MIDI in Grimoire.” This soundtrack is “likely” to end up being made available as DLC after the game launches.

Grimoire is set to launch on Steam this Friday, July 7th.

Matt Chelen

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