The Gates To RuneScape’s Golden City Of Menaphos Are Now Open

After more than a decade of waiting, RuneScape players will finally get a chance to see the Golden City of Menaphos with their own eyes today, as the gates to the city have been opened. Inside its walls, the city holds four new story quests about Menaphos and its ruler, a system of procedurally generated “City Quests,” a new Slayer dungeon, a new speed-running mini-game called Shifting Tombs. The expansion also brings with it a complete revamp of the desert’s graphics and an increased Slayer skill level cap of 120. Those that are uninterested in the new content will still find visiting Menaphos beneficial, as the city itself provides a “5% buff on all skill training.”

RuneScape Lead Designer David Osborne had the following to say about the announcement.

“”Players have been intrigued to find out what’s behind the closed doors of Menaphos for 12 years, so we’re really excited to finally reveal all. When we announced the first in the RuneScape Expansions would be The Golden City at RuneFest last year, the reception we received was incredible. We really hope they enjoy the adventure we’ve created, as well as the many secrets held within the city walls that we’re letting them discover for themselves!”

Menaphos is only accessible to subscribers, but both newcomers and players that have played for years will have access to it, so long as they complete a set of two quests that lead them to the city. An “open access weekend” is being held from June 9th to June 12th, giving players that are not subscribers a chance to enter the long-awaited Golden City or anywhere else in Gielinor without the need for a subscription.

You can read more about Menaphos on the official website.

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