Gangs Of Space Launches On Steam Early Access

I’ve been watching Little Big MMO’s roguelike bullet hell MMO Gangs of Space for a significant portion of its five years of development and, in that time, I’ve managed to miss every single Alpha test. Given that, I am quite excited about today’s Steam Early Access launch. At long last, I can play it at my own leisure!

For those that haven’t kept up with it, Gangs of Space is an MMO bullet hell shmup with roguelike elements. Players choose one of several classes and quickly level to the level cap of 10. They then customize their build by hunting mobs and equipping themselves with the loot that they drop. Should they die, their death will be permanent, but they may also have unlocked new build options for their next ship during their previous life, so there are perks to dying occasionally.

Ultimately, however, the goal of the game is to conquer the galaxy. Be it alone or with a group, you must conquer as many sectors as you can. Once the entire galaxy has been conquered, you are given rewards “based on [your] rank in various ladders” and the cycle begins anew.

Gangs of Space is free-to-play, even during Early Access, but several supporter packs are available. These include additional warehouse slots, additional hangar slots, currency, exclusive skins, and “the right to name a crew in the game,” which is an Early Access-exclusive perk.

Gangs of Space is now available on Steam Early Access for free.

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