Galactic Junk League Launches With A New Game Mode

After just under a year in Open Beta, six months of which were spent on Steam Early Access, Pixel Federation’s free-to-play online multiplayer vehicular combat game Galactic Junk League has officially launched. The game is reminiscent of games like World of Tanks or Dreadnought, but it allows players to build their crafts block by block in a similar manner to Robocraft.

Galactic Junk League’s launch brings with it quite a bit of new content. A new 5v5 game mode called Galactic Conquest is now available. In it, teams fight to take control of and upgrade capture points, as well as to be the first team to obtain various Team Power-ups. The new game mode, which is now the “main game mode” for the game’s Team Battle mode, can be played on three maps and will award XP and Junk to those that play through an entire match.

The launch also brings with it three new maps: Abandoned Colony, Junk Vault 1101, and Junkyard Belt. Abandoned Colony is a map that uses narrow corridors to encourage close-range combat. Junk Vault 1101 is a “rugged landscape [that is] cut in two by a huge central cliff”; it features “neutral teleports” that allow players to attack the opposing team “from almost any side.” Junkyard Belt is “an open asteroid field” that is good for dogfights and sniping.

You can find the full set of patch notes here.

Having played the game, I can say that it is quite enjoyable, if also a bit lacking in longevity. Few games let you tear your opponents’ crafts apart block by block or let you escape with naught but a core, two blocks, and a thruster intact, unable to deal any damage to your opponents. At the very least, the fact that it is free to play makes it well worth a look.

Galactic Junk League is available on Steam. All of its DLC is 40% off for the next week in celebration of the official launch.

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