Foxhole’s Autumn Update Adds New Half-Tracks And A New Game Mode

Foxhole version 0.5, which is also known as the “Autumn Update,” has officially gone live. The update brings with it completely new half-tracks, which can be seen in the featured image. With this update, each faction now has its own half-track, which can “carry an additional passenger at the back” and now allows players to “walk around and fire from the cargo bed.”

The update also introduces a new game mode called Weekly War Games. This mode “offers a fresh take on wars every week,” utilizing a set of one to three of the following modifiers, which vary from week to week.

  • No Man’s Land – Outposts and Barracks are unavailable
  • PvP – No AI inside structures
  • Explosive – Sulfur respawn rate is accelerated
  • High Tech – Technology Part yield rate is accelerated
  • Town Fortress – Only structures near Town Halls will be manned by AI
  • Engineers – CVs can be used to build any structure
  • Extra Labor – Manufacturing yields more resources for the lower populated faction
  • Take Cover! – Howitzers are available at Technology Level 1

Additionally, several new quality-of-life features have been introduced. Players can now tread water as long as they have the stamina to do so. Every structure in the game now shows visible signs of damage and can be repaired with a hammer. The structure decay system has been revamped so that “decay begins after a certain amount of time” and occurs gradually over time. Players that are in clouds of smoke are now visible to each other, granted they are “very close to each other.” The maximum number of items that can be in one stack is now 100.

The full set of patch notes can be found here. In celebration of the release of the Autumn Update, Foxhole is 25% off, or $14.99, on Steam until October 19th.

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