Foxhole Hits Steam Early Access With Tank Combat In Tow

I’ve been casually watching Clapfoot’s massively multiplayer persistent wargame Foxhole for some time now, curious about where it was headed. It initially caught my attention due to almost seeming as if someone took the basic idea behind Running With Rifles, which was a rather good game, and extended it into a massively multiplayer setting with more depth and content.

Foxhole had been available in an Open Alpha state of sorts for around a year, via the combat demo, but it just launched on Steam Early Access earlier today as a buy-to-play title. While there are very few details offered about the new features that have been introduced with the launch of the “full version” of the game, tank combat and amphibious warfare are now available for players to take part in.

Foxhole is now available on Steam Early Access for $19.99, temporarily discounted to $17.99 for the week of release.

Matt Chelen

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