Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China Flies Out Of Early Access

Ace Maddox’s World War II flight combat game set in the China-Burma-India theater, Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China, officially launched earlier today after over a year and a half in Early Access. The game sees players take on the role of pilots in “America’s secret volunteer squadrons” as they do battle in Southeast Asia. It boasts a “rarely depicted” setting, a simcade flight model, and more. More than 20 planes are available for use in both a single-player campaign and 16-player multiplayer.

Those who are interested can purchase Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China via Steam for $14.99, temporarily discounted to $11.99 for the week of release. There is a $4.99 DLC pack called “Paradise Island,” which includes a new map and some other content, but anyone can play on the map as long as the host owns the DLC.

Matt Chelen

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