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Fight Your Friends In FURRY FRIENDS FIGHT!

It’s rare that we get fighting games that are easy to control and even rarer that said games look quite as fast-paced and fluid as FURRY FRIENDS FIGHT! StudioS’ latest game is designed so that both beginners and those familiar with fighting games alike can easily learn to play, utilizing both simple combos in the vein of those seen in Super Smash Bros. and keys that are dedicated to skills, rather than requiring players to successfully execute an insanely complex sequence of inputs in order to use them. What’s more, the moves that you can pull off with these simple combos are fairly flashy.

However, there are some complexities that indicate a slightly higher skill cap than the game would appear to have at first, such as a fairly unique counter system, which replaces the block function seen in many fighting games. Each move has a “blowback direction,” a direction in which it will knock the opposing character back. If the player inputs the opposite direction to that of the opponent’s blowback at the exact moment that they attack, they can counter that attack, creating an opening.

FURRY FRIENDS FIGHT! also appears to be somewhat more mobile than other fighting games. If you watch the tutorial video below, you can see that characters can teleport around and knock others back across the map.

FURRY FRIENDS FIGHT! is now available on DLSite for approximately $14.40. A demo is available on the DLSite store page. It should be noted that, through the use of third-party tools, the game can be played online.

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