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Fate/Grand Order To Launch In North America On June 25th

Aniplex announced today via Twitter that its extremely popular mobile RPG Fate/Grand Order will launch in North America on June 25th. The game, which is based on Type-Moon’s Fate/Stay Night franchise, sees players take on the role of a “Master,” collecting “Servants” who will do battle for them. Combat is turn-based, allowing players to choose which attacks they use each turn.

Fate/Grand Order’s story follows agents of the Chaldea Security Organization as they attempt to stop mankind from going extinct in the year 2016. The organization has isolated the cause of mankind’s extinction to an anomaly of sorts in Fuyuki City in the year 2004 and has decided that it will send its agents through time to stop the anomaly.

Fate/Grand Order is set to launch on Android and iOS simultaneously on June 25th. Those who download the game and play early on will be granted a four-star Saber Lily character.

You can find more information about Fate/Grand Order on the official website.

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