Fair Weather Unveils Footage Of The Entire First Level Of Ancient Frontier

Earlier this month, we reported that Fair Weather Studios’ Ancient Frontier, a new turn-based strategy game with two fully voiced campaigns, would be launching on Steam on September 21st. The game offers two major factions and “three sub-factions,” large battle maps, elements of resource management, Fire Emblem-style permadeath of ships, and a hex grid. I maintain that hexes are better than squares, so I was rather happy about that last point.

While there was gameplay footage available before now, Fair Weather published a video of the entire first level of the Federation campaign earlier this week, giving us a much better look at the way that the game is played. It looks like quite fun thus far and the scale of battle maps was certainly not overstated.

You can find more information about Ancient Frontier on the Steam store page.

Matt Chelen

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