Exsanguinate The Universe In The Roguelite 5X Space Tyrant

You’ve heard of 4X strategy games, but what about 5X? What does the extra X stand for, you ask? Why, exsanguinate! You see, in the new roguelite 5X Space Tyrant, there is no diplomacy. Your only option is to kill everyone in your quest for power and profit.

Space Tyrant also changes up the typical 4X formula a bit. Gameplay is simplified, revolving around cards that you can play during your turns. The game is fairly fast-paced compared to many other games like it, offering quick deaths and victories alike. The entire experience is wrapped in a charming, cartoony art style that conveys a darkly humorous world.

Space Tyrant is now available on Steam Early Access for $19.99. The amount of time it spends is entirely dependent upon how well it sells and whether the team gets the resources it needs to add all of the little bits of content that it has planned.

Matt Chelen

Matt has been playing games for as long as he can remember. He got into games journalism during college.

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