Everspace Receives Hardcore Mode, Support For TrackIR And HOTAS

Everspace patch 1.1.0 went live today, bringing with it a number of additions and changes. The core of the patch is the new Hardcore Mode. This mode takes the challenge of the game’s Hard difficulty and adds a few twists. You start every session “with the same fixed set of pilot perks and without any ship perks upgraded.” Ship perks can only be upgraded at the end of each sector and only if you have accumulated enough credits to upgrade them. Additionally, before beginning each sector, players must choose a handicap modifier that will have adverse effects on their ship.

The update also introduces support for TrackIR and HOTAS flight sticks, offering players a more immersive experience. These updates have been introduced “in spite of the fact that the HOTAS support stretch goal was not unlocked” during the game’s 2015 Kickstarter campaign.

ROCKFISH Games CEO and co-founder Michael Schade had the following to say about the announcement.

“EVERSPACE is still as fast-paced and twitchy as ever, so we still think that using the mouse and keyboard is the best way to fly. But, some of our fans have been pretty vocal about it, and we heard them loud and clear: they are finally able to use their HOTAS to pilot their space ship on their dangerous journey.”

Today also marks the release of the Deluxe Edition, which is available as a DLC pack for $9.99. The Deluxe Edition upgrade grants players the soundtrack, an art book, and ten wallpapers.

You can find the full set of patch notes here. Everspace is available on Steam and GOG for $29.99. The GOG version is temporarily discounted to $23.99.

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