Enter A World Where The Cold War Never Ended In All Walls Must Fall

inbetweengames’ All Walls Must Fall is an impressive-looking, Unreal Engine 4-powered, real-time pausable isometric tactics game. Set in Berlin in the year 2089, the game dares to ask the question of what the world would be like in a few decades if the Cold War never ended. Berlin is a city divided. A “rogue nuclear strike” is set to destroy the entire world. Agents from both sides are being sent back in time to stop nuclear war from breaking out. You take control of several of these agents over the course of a single night in Berlin.

The game features a full campaign, but its levels are procedurally generated, which adds a significant amount of replayability. As you play, the soundtrack will react to your actions. Playthroughs take an hour or two and death is permanent.

All Walls Must Fall entered Early Access today. At present, only the first act of its campaign, which takes place in East Berlin, is available. A second act, which will take place in West Berlin, is set to be added sometime during Early Access. In all, depending on feedback, the game will be in Early Access for 6-12 months.

All Walls Must Fall is available on Steam Early Access and for $15.99, temporarily discounted to $14.39 for the week of release.

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