Enter The War Torn World Of Lost Technology On August 9th

No one is quite sure how or when the war that rages in the world of Lost Technology started, but Playism announced today that you will be able to join in on August 9th. As was previously announced, only three nations will be available at launch: Alfheim, Makan, and Reinald Empire. Each of these nations will come with its own “aspirations,” skills, and even difficulty levels that are sure to make them feel significantly different to play as. The localization of additional nations will be dependent on sales of the base game.

Lost Technology’s unique three-phase system utilizes elements of grand strategy games, real-time strategy games, and visual novels to create a completely unique experience. Manage your part in the war in a turn-based format, fight battles in real-time, and then live through the story that occurs as a result of your actions.

Lost Technology is set to launch on Steam and the Playism store on August 9th. If the price listed on the Playism store page is correct, it will cost only $2.99 at launch.

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