Ealdorlight Combat Demo Released

Ealdorlight is a project that I truly hope reaches its Kickstarter funding goal. It’s a roguelike that procedurally generates its world and that world’s history, then sends players out into it. Key features include quests, step-based combat system, crafting, farming, thievery, a damage system that models bones, muscles, and organs, and more. It’s a uniquely ambitious project that will hopefully provide as much depth and replayability as it seems that it will.

Today, with nine days left on the Kickstarter, a combat demo was released. The demo gives both backers and potential backers an early look at combat, including the game’s “Attack, Counter, and Feint mechanics.” It is said that these mechanics are “designed to take players a step beyond simple ‘attack and block’ choices and mimic the cut and thrust of real battles.” It is also noted that, early on, you will often miss or only nick your opponents, rather than landing solid hits. As you play and obtain better weapons, you might crush or cut an opponent, perhaps taking a limb or even an eye with each hit.

Revelation Games’ Chris Parsons had the following to say about the announcement.

“This demo gives a small insight into where I want to take Ealdorlight’s combat mechanics, and will hopefully give people confidence to back the game. I can’t wait to see how they get on with it!”

If you like Ealdorlight’s combat demo, be sure to consider backing the project on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter campaign is currently at $13,815 of its $50,996 goal with only nine days left.

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