DrinkBox Studios’ Severed Launches On Nintendo Switch

Many of you likely know DrinkBox Studios from its wonderfully animated beat-’em-up Guacamelee, but the company has another game that you might want to put on your radar: Severed. The touch screen-oriented dungeon crawler was originally released for PlayStation Vita on April 26th of last year before being released on Wii U, iOS, and Nintendo 3DS later that fall. In it, players take on the role of a “one-armed warrior” named Sasha, who sets out to find several family members that have gone missing. Along the way, they will be pitted against “nightmarish monsters,” which they will be able to fight by using a touch-based combat system, and “uniquely challenging puzzles.”

Severed launched on Nintendo Switch earlier today for $14.99. It is only available as a digital download from the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Matt Chelen

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