Divinity: Original Sin 2’s “GOG Hero” Eithne Unveiled

About two years ago, GOG users were called upon to come up with hero ideas for Divinity: Original Sin 2. Developer Larian Studios then took the three best ideas, which were turned into concepts and voted on. The winning concept was an undead librarian named Eithne, who is a “merchant of rare and arcane knowledge.” Now, with less than a week until the game’s release, GOG has unveiled Eithne.

Very little is known about Eithne as of yet. Her writer, Charlene Putney, was asked several questions, the answers to which were published alongside the unveiling. According to Putney, “she lurks in a ruined building in a forested area of Reaper’s Coast” and that her initial stock reflects the fact that she is an undead librarian. Beyond that, few details were given.

A teaser trailer was released as part of the unveiling, which gives us an early look at Eithne’s in-game design, as well as her voice acting. You can find the trailer embedded below.

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