Dirty Bomb Developer Splash Damage Teams Up With Wargaming

Wargaming announced today that it has partnered with Dirty Bomb developer Splash Damage to “[apply] their vast multiplayer expertise to brand-new projects for Wargaming’s community.” These projects have yet to be announced, but Splash Damage is currently hiring staff for them.

Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood had the following to say about the announcement.

“Splash Damage is known for building loyal relationships with only the world’s leading platforms, IPs and suppliers, and creating one-of-a-kind teamplay hits. As gamers, Victor and I share the same passion for our communities. We actively listen to players and strive to put their needs first, whilst forging multiplayer experiences that champion cooperation and help develop new friendships. The Wargaming universe gives our team a great creative canvas, allowing us to develop a game experience for a massive, loyal following, and we’re extremely excited to get started.”

Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi also provided a statement.

“What impresses me most about Splash Damage is their passion for every project they take on. They’re working incredibly hard to create truly memorable games, won’t stop until everything runs like clockwork, and share in our values of player-focused game design, which makes them just the right partner for Wargaming.”

Given the statements and Splash Damage’s expertise, it is likely that the companies will be working together on a team-based game of some sort. That being said, no details have been announced as of yet. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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