Digital Extremes And Human Head Team Up For MMO Survived By

Remember how Human Head Studios just announced that Rune sequel, Rune: Ragnarok? Well, it turns out that the company is also working on another project, a free-to-play roguelite bullet hell MMORPG called Survived By that is being created in cooperation with Warframe developer Digital Extremes. It…sounds a lot like an expanded version of Realm of the Mad God.

Up to 100 players can jump into each instance of the world, killing mobs, taking on bosses, gathering loot, crafting weapons, trading items and so on. Upon death, their characters are “survived by” a successor, similar to how death is handled in games like Rogue Legacy. This successor then “carries a small part of their legacy with them” in the form of “new buffs and stat boosts.”

The game will be free-to-play and, despite having just been announced, it is said that it will be a “fair” free-to-play model in which “every item in the game can be earned for free without paying.” The companies are also boasting “frequent updates” and that “the game will be built with its community’s voice and desires in mind.”

As a fan of early Realm of the Mad God, and roguelikes in general, I’m definitely curious, but I am a bit concerned that it will be more derivative than anything. The Rogue Legacy-esque system of successors certainly adds additional persistent elements that could get players more attached to their legacies, but I’m not sure that that alone will be enough to set it apart from the games in its genre’s legacy.

Survived By Executive Producer Ryan Jackson had the following to say about the announcement.

“When we created Survived By, we imagined a game retaining all of the key gameplay elements of the classic games we grew up with and loved, but with a modern role-player in mind. Jumping into a server with as many as 100 players, we discovered a tremendous sense of wonder and an addictive blend of crafting, social team-work and twitchy bullet-hell madness.”

Those who are interested in playing Survived By as soon as possible can sign up for a chance to take part in the upcoming Closed Alpha on the official website.

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