Deadhold To Enter Early Access On August 25th

The release date has yet to be formally announced, but, after two years of testing, Dark Quarry Games updated the Steam store page for its RTS Deadhold earlier this week to state that it will be entering Early Access on August 25th. Created by developers that have worked on games like Battlefield and Homefront, Deadhold largely resembles Bungie’s classic, gory RTS series Myth, with one key difference: everything is physically modeled. Each and every arrow’s trajectory is “realistically simulated,” ultimately lodging itself in the head, chest, arms, or legs of its target. Every unit’s movement relies on the physics engine. It’s a novel idea that may very well make the game stand out.

Deadhold features a full campaign that can be played either alone or with up to three friends. The initial Early Access release will feature only one of the 16 planned missions; another two are set to be released by the end of September. It also features a competitive multiplayer mode that will one day allow up to eight players to duke it out in its physics-based world. However, the initial Early Access release will only allow up to four players to take part in free-for-all matches of King of the Hill, Territories, and more on two maps. Early Access is expected to last around a year, during which time the team intends to finish the campaign and add more content to the competitive multiplayer mode.

Deadhold is set to launch on Steam Early Access on August 25th. According to a statement made on the game’s official Discord server, it will cost $19.99 during Early Access. The price is set to increase once the game officially launches.

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