Dead Maze’s Survival Systems Detailed

Given that Dead Maze is part survival game, you would probably expect that you would have to, you know, survive at some point. Friday, developer Atelier 801 divulged some details about the game’s survival systems in a Steam Community announcement. Dead Maze features three survival resources: Fatigue, Hunger, and Thirst. Unlike many survival games, where your survival gauges will slowly deplete over time, in Dead Maze, they will only deplete when you perform actions. For example, when you go to open a container, a window will appear detailing the amount of each resource that opening said container will cost. According to the announcement, “this both gives you more time to discuss with your teammates about elaborate strategies, and it lets you have the control over your gauges a lot more.”

“Special containers” will require an item, like a crowbar, to open easily. You can expend fatigue to try and “brute force” these containers open, but you may simply end up wasting those resources. Alternatively, you could try to carefully pick the locks on these containers, but that takes time and infected may attack in the meantime.

You will also be able to fish. Fishing is said to work similarly to special containers, allowing you to use a fishing rod, a “rudimentary spike,” or even your bare hands. It is noted, however, that there may be consequences to putting your bare hands into post-apocalyptic water sources.

When your survival gauges are depleted and you need to recover your resources, you can do so by resting by a fire, be it one of the game’s many permanent campfires or one that you have crafted yourself. Multiple players can rest by each fire at once and can even see the survival gauges of other players that are resting by that fire. If you have an item that can help another player recover their resources, you can give that item to them in exchange for “a small XP bonus.” However, it is also noted that you will gain more XP and loot “the longer you play without resting at a campfire” thanks to a system called the “Threat Level.”

You can find the full announcement here.

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