Dead Maze Is A Zombie Apocalypse MMO Without PvP

I know that many of you will likely read “zombie apocalypse MMO” and groan about how we don’t need any more survival games, but hear me out for a minute; this one’s a bit different. Earlier today, Atelier 801 unveiled its upcoming free-to-play izometric zombie apocalypse MMO Dead Maze. The game features all of the trappings of a good zombie apocalypse game: the ability to use basically anything, including fire extinguishers and guitars, as a weapon, the ability to establish your own camp and customize your home with furniture, farming, animal husbandry, and, of course, hundreds upon hundreds of zombies that are powered by an “advanced AI” that knows to group up before attacking players. But there’s also a core feature of many zombie survival games missing: PvP.

You see, in Dead Maze, players only have the option to work together. A lone player won’t get very far, but, should players group up, their chances of surviving will increase significantly. And there’s no reason not to group up, as you can’t fight each other anyways.

Atelier 801 co-founder Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand had the following to say about the announcement.

“Who doesn’t love zombies? At Atelier 801 we love them with all our hearts, so we are very excited to reveal our unique take on the apocalypse, Dead Maze. With Dead Maze we wanted to try and do something different: an MMO where you have to work together in order to survive and restore civilization. Exploring, crafting, fighting; all of this is key, but you won’t last long on your own. We can’t wait for our community and players to get started.”

Dead Maze is currently set to launch sometime in early 2018. You can find more information about the game on the official website or the Steam store page.

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