Until Dawn Headlines July’s Free PlayStation Plus Games

Sony has announced July’s free PlayStation Plus games and it turns out that Until Dawn is headlining. While I never got around to playing it myself, the survival horror game has received quite a lot of praise and I’ve heard that your decisions actually matter on some level, with many of them determining who lives or dies. 

Other free games for the month include Telltale’s take on Game of Thrones, which begins immediately after the events of the Red Wedding, Tokyo Jungle, Darkstalkers Resurrection, which is a re-release of two classic fighting games in the Darkstalkers series, Element4l, and Don’t Die, Mr. Robot.

As an added bonus, “in celebration of PlayLink’s launch,” PlayStation Plus members will be given a chance to get That’s You for free from July 4th to October 24th. That’s You is a game where you use a smartphone or tablet, answering questions, taking part in “texting games,” and completing drawing challenges in a quest to “find out what [those that are playing] really think about each other.” You can get a better look at the game in the video embedded below.

Matt Chelen

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