Dark And Light To Hit Steam Early Access Tomorrow

Dark and Light was originally said to be launching on Steam Early Access by the end of 2016. When Snail Games missed that target, the company went fairly quiet until March, when it announced that the game would be delayed until this summer. They then went quiet on the matter again until the Closed Beta was announced last month.

At long last, the long-awaited resurrection and reimagining of the widely panned sandbox MMORPG has an Early Access release date: tomorrow. It will cost $29.99 during Early Access, as was noted by the official Twitter account.

Dark and Light is an intriguing prospect. It is a survival game in which everything contains magic of some sort. Players can kill creatures and take their magical essence or tame and ride them. The game utilizes a skill-based progression system that allows players to build their characters the way that they want. In addition to all of this, the game features faction-based warfare.

It’s promising, but there are a few concerns. It’s been rumored for some time now that the game runs on the ARK: Survival Evolved engine, which would make sense, as Snail Games owns Studio Wildcard. The primary concerns are that the game will not be distinct enough from ARK and that it will inherit ARK’s optimization issues. I suppose we’ll find out tomorrow!

Matt Chelen

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