Dark And Light Finally Goes Live On Steam Early Access

It’s been a long time coming, but Snail Games’ resurrection of Dark and Light has officially gone live on Steam Early Access. You can now buy the game, download it, and jump into the dragon-filled world of Archos. In this world, magic is everywhere and your survival depends on learning how to harness it.

Dark and Light is structured much like a survival game that has three-faction, faction-based warfare. Players can explore the world, gather resources, craft items, build buildings, tame various creatures, and so on. However, it also has several additional systems that separate it from other games in its genre, including a skill-based progression system.

Early Access is expected to last around a year. Over the course of Early Access, the team plans to expand upon the current map, add more maps, add more spells, implement “cross-server PvP activities,” improve in-game text chat, introduce in-game voice chat, introduce more faction-dependent features, and more.

Dark and Light is now available on Steam Early Access for $29.99, temporarily discounted to $24.89 for the week of release. The price is set to increase once the game leaves Early Access.

Matt Chelen

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