CrossCode Gets First Story Update In A Year, Set For “Early 2018” Release

Despite what the title may imply, Radical Fish Games’ acclaimed action RPG CrossCode has been updated several times over the past year. New quests, skills, and zones have all been added regularly. But the story of the game’s protagonist, Lea, remained at a standstill for nearly a year. No longer. The company announced last week that CrossCode version 0.9.5 would be going live soon, bringing with it, among other things, new story content. Following some technical issues with Steam, the update officially went live earlier today.

The story content included in this update doesn’t lead to the end of the story, but it does “properly [introduce]” C’tron and let players “spend more time with the First Scholar guild.” Those who have been playing since the last major story update now have the option of returning to the story’s previous end and are actually advised to, as the game is said to be likely to break otherwise. Whether you decide to use the option or not, Radical Fish Games promises that the loot that you’ve obtained will remain intact.

In addition to new story content, the size of the Autumn’s Fall zone has been increased. New quests have been introduced. Equipment now tells you its approximate level. Dedicated Guard and Melee buttons have been introduced. You can find the full set of patch notes here.

With the release of the new story content, Radical Fish Games has announced that CrossCode is currently set for an “early 2018” release. Those who would like to get in early can purchase the game for $16.99, 15% off of its normal price of $19.99, during the last 48 hours of the Steam Summer Sale.

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