Comic Book RPG Light Apprentice To Leave Early Access On November 10th

Amazu Media announced today that, after nearly eight months in Steam Early Access, the PC version of its comic book RPG Light Apprentice is set to launch on November 10th. The game is structured a bit like a gamebook, complete with choices and all, but is styled like a comic book. Combat is turn-based, featuring a number of quick-time events that require players to pay attention at all times. In addition to killing monsters, you are offered the option of sparing their lives.

The story follows Nate, the Light Apprentice, who must rise up and save the world of Ethenia from “the corruption of the Yhrosian Empire.” Thus, he and four other apprentices set out to “restore balance to the planet’s [war-torn] environment.” The story is said to last approcimately five to ten hours.

Light Apprentice is available on Steam Early Access for $9.99. The price will remain the same after the game leaves Early Access on November 10th.

Matt Chelen

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