Co-Op Monster-Raising JRPG Re:Legend Takes To Kickstarter

Magnus Games has taken to Kickstarter to fund its upcoming cooperative monster-raising JRPG Re:Legend. The six-person team from Singapore is seeking approximately $51,000 to finish the charming game, $24,300 of which has been raised as of this writing.

Re:Legend is said to have been inspired by games “such as Rune Factory, Digimon World, Fantasy Life, and [the] Monster Rancher series.” Between one and four players can roam the game world, taming creatures known as “Magnus” as they go. Every one of the game’s Magnus is tameable and, once tamed, these creatures will help players with combat, travel, and more. They also have “unique evolution conditions” and will only evolve if you care for them in the correct way. You can’t even use them as a mount or make use of their abilities unless they grow enough and begin to trust you.

In addition to monster raising, you can catch and breed fish, farm both on land and underwater, mine for resources, cut down trees, cook, craft weapons, and more. Re:Legend offers players a wide variety of life skills to level up as they go.

The story follows an amnesiac character who is attempting to uncover their memory. As you play, you will discover “fragments of your memories” that have been scattered around the game world. Throughout your adventure, you can build your own village and recruit NPCs to live there; improving the village will lead its villagers to help you in your attempts to recover your lost memories.

The Kickstarter launch brought with it the announcement that three well-known composers will be composing music for the game: Shota Nakama, who contributed to Final Fantasy XV; Falk Au Yeong, who has contributed to “various games, film, and anime”; and Yoshitaka Suzuki, who has contributed to both the Final Fantasy and Metal Gear franchises. Several tracks are already available to sample on SoundCloud.

Those who pledge to the Kickstarter can net one copy of the game for $21 or two for $36. A $50 pledge will net you “early Beta access” for one person, albeit it is unclear when said Beta is set to begin. A $99 pledge will net you early Beta access for two people, two copies of the game, and two plushies, as well as a “backer-exclusive weapon and armor set.” Those who are willing to pledge a full $500 will be given the chance to become an NPC in the game’s main village.

You can find more information about Re:Legend or pledge some money towards its development on the Kickstarter page or the official website.

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