Classic Cartoon Themed Platformer Cuphead Out Next Month

Classic cartoon-themed run and gun action game Cuphead releases next month (September 29, 2017) for PC (via Steam and GOG) and Xbox One platforms. It will launch playable with singleplayer and local co-op. Local only co-op is a bit of a shame as not everybody has a good setup for that sort of thing, but the developers have promised to “look into online after [launch].” 

The premise of the game is essentially that Cuphead and Mugman have made some kind of a shady deal with the devil and are now traversing their way through a variety of weird and wonky worlds in an attempt to pay off their unholy debt. 

Cuphead essentially describes itself as nothing less than a carefully crafted love-letter to the 1930s era of classical cartoons, and the attention to detail on display is staggering – many of the same techniques of the era are employed here, including hand-drawn cell animation, watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings.

A hardcore NG+ mode was announced less than two weeks ago at Gamescom 2017. We don’t know a whole lot about this mode just yet, but it was hinted to be particularly difficult, even by NG+ standards. The regular game is also confirmed to feature infinite lives and a revive system in co-op to reduce the punishment just a smidge. 

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