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Cinematic MMORPG XAOC Debuts On Steam Early Access

WindThunder Studio’s cinematic MMORPG XAOC was originally released in July of 2013, but the game just debuted on Steam Early Access earlier today. Despite being in Early Access, it is said to be on patch 3.0, featuring an “extremely large” game world, “cinematic” cutscenes, a “complex weapon system,” world bosses, “dozens of dungeons,” and more. Early Access is expected to last around three months, during which time the development team will add the last bit of content before the official launch.

Players have a choice of two factions, four races, five body types, and seven classes: Gladiator, Gunslinger, Necromancer, Night Shade, Samurai, Spectator, and Tanyuanke. Once they have created their character, they will then be able to dive into a world where the boundaries between the living and dead no longer exist.

XAOC is now available on Steam Early Access for $2.99, temporarily discounted to $2.39 for the week of release. As it is based on the Taiwanese version of the game, the Steam version is currently only available in Traditional Chinese.

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