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Choose Whether To Sacrifice Your Crew In Ark Noir

Amamori Lab’s doujin RPG Ark Noir was actually released in Japan at the end of May, but I just found the DLSite exclusive earlier today and was immediately intrigued. Pitched as a “resource managing RPG” that puts the player in extreme situations, you take on the role of a crew member aboard a shipwrecked immigration ship in a Jules Verne-esque underwater world. Players will be tasked with defending the ship and making sure that the crew survives. Or they can sacrifice the crew for their own fortune.

As players play, they will obtain various items and perks. These are chosen randomly, challenging players to work around the items and perks that they are given.

Ark Noir is available exclusively on DLSite for $9.47. Unfortunately, it is currently only available in Japanese, but, with a little bit of extra work, the Google Translate mobile app should allow those who don’t know Japanese a chance to play it.

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