Charming Farming Game Lullaby Gardens Enters Paid Alpha

I’m not entirely sure where Dadai Studios’ charming farming game Lullaby Gardens came from, or how it managed to slip under my radar even after a successful Kickstarter, but I’ve found it now. The game, which takes inspiration from Harvest Moon, Recettear, and Rune Factory, tasks players with running their own shop, complete with the task of finding new and interesting goods that attract customers. In pursuit of this goal, you can run a farm with “more than a dozen different types of crop,” raise various animals, craft roads and furniture, explore procedurally generated mines where you can mine gems and ore, catch and raise bees, complete quests for villagers, and more.

Lullaby Gardens just launched into paid Alpha yesterday and is available exclusively on for $29.99. The paid Alpha launched alongside a patch that fixed several major bugs.

You can find more information about Lullaby Gardens on Dadai Studios’ official website.

Matt Chelen

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