Cavernous Wastes Is An Upcoming 6DOF PS4 Game With PSVR Support

PouncingKitten Games’ Cavernous Wastes isn’t the prettiest PlayStation 4 game, but it is a part of the six degrees of freedom, or 6DOF, subgenre of combat flight games, which immediately had me intrigued. The 6DOF genre doesn’t often get new releases, so any that do come along are rather welcome.

In Cavernous Wastes, you play as someone who wakes up in a ship inside a cavern with no memory of how they got there. All that they know is that they must escape the caves. As you attempt to escape, you will have to fight enemies, upgrade your ship, unlocking new abilities in the process, and slowly obtain the memories you lost, learning the truth behind the cavern.

Cavernous Wastes is coming soon to PlayStation 4. It will have PlayStation VR support, but use of PlayStation VR is optional.

Matt Chelen

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