Capcom Celebrates Phoenix Wright’s 15th Birthday with $1360 Special Edition

To celebrate Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney’s 15th anniversary, Capcom have announced the release of a series of collector’s editions on the Nintendo 3DS platform and some collector’s items that can be purchased separately for those who already have the games.

First off, we’ve got the “Premium Edition” bundle, though its price is probably enough to make even Bluecorp CEO Redd White shout “Hold it!” This one goes out to all you Scrooge McDucks out there, retailing at an exorbitant ¥150,000~ yen ($1364USD). The bundle includes the Ace Attorney 1-6 collection of games, an autographed image of Phoenix Wright, an Ace Attorney 4 soundtrack CD, some exclusive art and set of 15 postcards, and of course a 24 karat pure gold commemorative plate. Because who doesn’t need a solid gold plate for Phoenix Wright and Prosecutor Edgeworth displayed on their desk? 

If you’re not quite up to dropping over a thousand bucks, never fear! There are a few other offerings available, including a secondary “complete edition” package that includes everything but the autographed Phoenix Wright and the golden commemorative plate, available for ¥14,815 yen ($134USD). They’re also offering a couple of the collector’s items separately, like a copy of the soundtrack CD for ¥3,990 yen ($36USD).

Since my personal wealth is more akin to that of Detective Gumshoe than Miles Edgeworth I don’t think I’ll be picking up the premium edition this time around, but if you’re interested in it or any of the other offerings they’re all available via the e-Capcom store.

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