Bullet Soul Returns With Bullet Soul Infinite Burst On July 31st

Mages’ Bullet Soul is a truly modern bullet hell shmup that gives players the unique ability to cancel bullets. Due to the ability to cancel bullets, it also features great risk vs. reward systems that reward destroying enemies from close up. These features make it somewhat unique within the shmup genre, despite being distinctly familiar.

On July 31st, the already competent shmup is about to get a whole lot better with the release of Bullet Soul Infinite Burst. Infinite Burst is an expansion of sorts to the core game, offering a new mode called “Combination Burst,” as well as revamped levels and new coin-collecting mechanics. It also gives players the ability to play as the bonus character “across all modes.”

Bullet Soul Infinite Burst is set to launch on Steam on July 31st for $14.99. It will be 20% off at launch, with an additional 30% “loyalty discount” available to those that own Bullet Soul. You can find more information about the game on the Steam store page.

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