Become A Giant Ogre Killing Ninja In Extinction

As was previously announced, Maximum Games showed off Pre-Alpha gameplay of its upcoming open-world action game Extinction at E3 this week. It’s still early yet, so some elements are a bit rougher than others, but it looks rather nice overall. In it, players take on the role of a character that is basically a ninja, killing smaller orcs and other monsters in a similar manner to the Batman: Arkham series, as well as taking on gargantuan ogres by destroying their armor before cutting off limbs. The ultimate goal during a battle with an ogre is to take out enough of the ogre’s limbs to incapacitate it so that you can run up its back, destroy its helmet, and cut off its head. If you don’t do so fast enough, its limbs will regenerate and it will return to terrorizing the towns that you’re trying to protect.

Overall, the game is already looking fairly fast-paced and fluid, albeit the player character, Avil, seems a bit too mobile at times. The ogres also seem to ramp up in difficulty, starting with the first, which looks fairly easy to defeat, and ending with one that appears to be a tier higher, requiring multiple hits to its armor in order to destroy it. Interestingly, flying mobs can attack you while you are on an ogre’s back, making the process of defeating it slightly more complex than it otherwise would be.

That being said, this is just an early gameplay demo and it doesn’t reflect how these encounters would be in the finished game well. Each of these encounters look fairly obviously staged, with only exactly the number of Ravenii needed to show off various mechanics. I’m sure that the game will seem even more action-packed and dynamic once these encounters have been more fleshed out.

You can find the Extinction E3 gameplay walkthrough embedded below.

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