Battleborn Now Has An Unlimited Free Trial

It’s no secret that Gearbox Software’s FPS/MOBA hybrid Battleborn hasn’t done well—just look at the number of concurrent players on SteamCharts prior to today. Given that, Gearbox has released an unlimited free trial for the game, offering players unrestricted access to the 5v5 PvP mode for free, with the caveat that they only have access to a weekly rotation of characters at first. Characters, cosmetics, gear packs, and even Story Operations can be purchased from the Marketplace using in-game Credits or the Platinum premium currency. Alternatively, you can simply purchase the full game for $29.99. The only real restrictions placed on Free Trial users is that they have to purchase “Battle Passes” to access private matches, whereas those who own the full game have unlimited access to them, and they do not have access to their respective platform’s achievements. In short, the game is now effectively free-to-play.

Previous owners of the game have been granted “Founder Status,” which includes an exclusive “Founder” title, an exclusive “Founder’s Crown” Flair item, Legendary gear, 1000 Platinum, 50,000 Credits, Loot Packs, and more. They can claim these bonuses by visiting the in-game Command Center.

Those who are interested can download the Battleborn free trial now via Steam, the Microsoft Store, and the PlayStation Store.

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