Arms Of Telos Is The Result Of “Rethinking The Competitive First-Person Shooter”

Arms of Telos is a rather intriguing new competitive first-person shooter that was posted to Steam Greenlight earlier today. The game is the result of developer Overpowered Games “rethinking the competitive first-person shooter,” creating an experience that feels completely different in the process. The way that Overpowered achieved this goal was through creating a game in which there are zero gravity areas throughout parts of the map that are set in outer space, but there are areas inside asteroids that do have gravity. Players get around the zero gravity zones by using a grappling hook and other equipment. As the Greenlight page puts it, “you’ve never played a game that moved like this.”

The primary game mode in Arms of Telos is a variant of Capture the Flag. In this mode, there are two teams of five that each have a health bar. When one team captures the enemy team’s flag, they can stand on the flag stand to “soak up more points into the flag.” This, in turn, takes more health from the enemy team when the flag is captured. There are three stages of play, the third of which is completed with one flag, but the player carrying the flag must stand on their team’s flag stand while the points that the flag has “soaked up” are deposited.

Other features include various challenges, such as racing challenges, and custom class loadouts.

Arms of Telos is set to be released sometime this year. Those who are interested can purchase an Early Access copy via and play now, granted there are players online. 

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