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Angry Birds Evolution Is A Hero Collector With Console Quality Graphics

Remember when Angry Birds was just a humorous game about knocking down towers made of wooden blocks? Yeah, me too.

But now, it’s much more. So much more, in fact, that a hero collector based on the franchise, Angry Birds Evolution, went live today on Android and iOS. It’s much like other hero collectors—play through the story mode one stage at a time, collect birds, upgrade those same birds, and eventually take part in PvP—but this one has one key difference. Angry Birds Evolution boasts graphics that are on par with console games.

I have to admit that it does look rather nice. The game features more than 100 new birds “with multiple evolution states,” each of which is one of five classes and all of which are brought to life in rather great 3D fashion. They take part in turn-based combat against the pigs that they’ve been fighting with since the very first game, dropping cages on them and just otherwise trying to beat them down. The pigs in Angry Birds Evolution are lead by Don Bacon, “who plans to turn the idyllic Bird Island into a hotel chain.”

Also of note is the fact that the game has an optional monthly subscription. Those who subscribe can get one Premium Egg Ticket each day, as well as “10% more gold and gems when purchasing in the shop.” This is all well and good, except for the fact that it costs $24.99 per month. For comparison, the standard for subscription AAA MMORPGs is only $14.99 per month, whereas you can get three full months of PlayStation Plus, which comes with free games every month, for the same price. It’s a high price, but, fortunately, it is optional.

Rovio Stockholm’s Head of Studio Reginaldo Valadares had the following to say about the announcement.

“RPG games are one of the key focus areas in Rovio Games, and we wanted to make Angry Birds Evolution our first title inspired by eastern RPG games. Cheeky humor, deep RPG turn-based combat, fresh art style, and pop-culture references galore – Angry Birds Evolution has it all. Now, stop reading this quote and go download it!”

Angry Birds Evolution Product Lead Miika Tams also provided a statement.

“We’re thrilled that Angry Birds Evolution is out in the wild. It’s been a fun ride bringing a more mature tone and stylized graphics along with all the movie, TV, and comic book references together for our more experienced fans. This game shows how well the Angry Birds resonates with an older audience, too.”

Those who are interested can download Angry Birds Evolution now via the App Store or Google Play.

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